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12th December 2005 was Morston Scrabble Club's Christmas Extravaganza - absolutely swaggering with festive fancy dress spirit - yes, we could come as a letter of our choice - and Nick had the perfect letter: Y? Andrew couldn't find a rubber suit so came as . Things did not look good when we arrived at a locked Village Hall and there were more Scrabble sets than people. Despite finding the key, the number of intrepid Scrabblers present remained at three, so they decamped to Jane's kitchen - and it wasn't long before heavy scoring began (probably could have phrased that better, but the only deviant behaviour here is in your mind). We were incredibly lucky to have an independent local photographer to record the event - and Elsie did a fantastic job despite having to go to bed before the trophy presentation because it was a school night.

Opening power play The first mighty power play of the evening. It was very difficult to see how this variation of the Oscar Molonov 1837 opening could be beaten, but Dawn is an experienced campaigner and would not be fazed.
Morston Scrabble Club en masse Morston Scrabble Club en masse - our photographer had to go right into the corner and use a wide-angle lens in order to fit us all in.
Dawn With the trophy at her elbow, Dawn prepares to defend her crown bolstered by her first cup of tea of the night.
Jane Jane can hardly believe her luck as she adds yet more unplayable vowels to her rack - she won't be able to spell "fizzy wine" tonight.
Andrew Confusion reigns for Andrew as his stick-on moustache has been blown off by the sea breeze - luckily his sideburns and garlic remain fixed for the whole evening enabling him to hold things together and get some scores on the board.
Nick There is no holding Nick back and he strikes a thoughtful pose - it appears that there are lines of worry, but they are just the result of wearing his pants outside his trousers.
The presentation And this month's winner is Nick - both with the highest aggregate for the two games and for the highest individual word score of 77. Dawn magnanimously presents the trophy and wonders if Nick is going to run off with her lighter for the second week running.
The winner celebrates There is no asking "Why?" now as the victor holds his trophy aloft - with his rollies secreted in his posing pouch.
The winner celebrates some more Reunited after a month of hurt, the new champion embraces the trophy - who will be able to prize it from his grip when the New Year of Morston Scrabble begins on 9th January 2006?

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