Morston Scrabble Club


9th January 2006 unfortunately saw the Treasurer laid up with bubonic plague to the mouth, but this did not stop a good turn-out and a reporter was on hand to document the scene:

Well,well, well, another thrilling session at the MSC. This month's turn out included Jane, Nick, Dawn, Carol and Rosie - and due to us being an odd number, Jane rushed across the marsh and grabbed Chen who was just about to have her tea. Two games later and the worthy winner was that old MSC pro, Dawn, with a superb brace of 355 and 351. Unstoppable. Notable events: only one bottle of wine arrived at the beginning and that was the prize, so each player solemnly swore that if they were the winner then they would gladly open it and so it was gladly opened.

In her post match press conference, Dawn was heard to say "I'm so pleased that the trophy is coming home". This was met with a groan from the other contestants and a few choice mumblings, which if overheard could well have led to blows being exchanged in the caravan park outside.

So plenty at stake next month...

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