Morston Scrabble Club


Our 13th February meeting was a particularly 'loved-up' type of evening, made all the more special by a fantastic bit of news from one of our regular members, Nick.   He had chosen the week before (quite bizarrely, we thought, with Valentine's so close, but he was happy the way it had gone) to propose to his girlfriend Helen who just happened to say Yes!! (no doubt if she had said no we wouldn't have heard about it)  Anyway, apparently we have a few months only to plan the day, and offer Nick and Helen any helpful ideas to a wonderful and happy wedding day!  Obviously some sort of archway as they leave the ceremony made with our scrabble racks could be useful, but all thoughts could be discussed at the next meeting.  (Any ideas, let Andrew know!)   

We welcomed a new player this month, Valentino, who proved a bit of a bonus as he could play quite well (actually he came second which threw all the regular players into slight depression, but also offers them a reason to practise, practise, practise!)  He mentioned he had been slightly nervous joining an already established 'group', but would like to confirm that everyone made him feel really welcome and he enjoyed the night immensely.   

All the ladies arrived in an assortment of pink, obviously ensuring a few extra points should they need it, and by golly didn't they!!   (Well, Dawn didn't, but she took them anyway)  It made no difference to Jane's end result (she got stuck with a rack full of vowels again) nor to Rosie's, who was suffering from a different time zone apparently (all this time spent on a plane should be ideal travel scrabble time)

Anyway, Andrew managed to sweep the board and has taken the trophy home, which might mean the ladies will have to pull out all the stops for the next meeting of the Scrabble Club.  The trophy will be needing a polish up, so it could be time to give it a good spring clean!!  See you in March!!

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