Morston Scrabble Club


13th March 2006 was Commonwealth Day and there can't have been any more bonzer big celebration than that held in the little enclave that is Morston Scrabble Club. Things got off to a good start with an even number of players, though we were sorry not to see Valentino (I understand he has moved away for a while in protest at his housemate's slow progress on the DIY - that said, I've had high-scoring words with him and have no doubt that he can be enticed back with the promise of full board and no loose tiles). Anyway, let's concentrate on who was there:

Doctor Jane As we arrived, the light was on and there all on her own was Doctor Jane, fresh from meeting the Queen along with all the other Commonwealth young doctors who had helped out after the Tsunami (no, we didn't understand either - but apparently it was on the Internet, so it must be true). Here we see her writing a prescription for 32 cases of Chateau Lafitte 1969 to be delivered to the impoverished boatmen's wives of Norfolk.
Richard and Rosie A new member! Richard is pulled up by his wife Rosie for wearing his fiver upside down - though both of them appear to be flaunting uncommon wealth in the present company who have to forego their daily breakfast croissants in order to to be able to afford their monthly pound for Morston Scrabble Club.
Richard and Nick And Richard is involved straightaway as he pulls the names out of the hat of Jimmy "Nick" McTavish, who keeps very cool for a Scotsman in the presence of almost unlimited lapel wealth.
Aboriginal Andrew Aboriginal Andrew cannot disguise his disgruntlement as despite the Norfolk winter and the corks on his hat, he still has flies on his trousers.
Rosie Rosie shows her pleasure at having been drawn against a man with a frightening proliferation of livid spots.
Jane prays Jane prays for a miracle and...
Dawn ...hands the dictionary to Dawn, but to everyone's great surprise, "qlnnzin" is not a word.
Richard Richard, in his first game with the club, exhibits a magnetic effect on the tiles.
Doctor Jane checks the board Doctor Jane conducts a full medical examination of her half of the board and finds that it is not breathing (all those years of training pay off at last).
Morston Village Hall Morston Village Hall - the world's premier fancy dress Scrabble venue.
Hands of the Commonwealth In the spirit of the Commonwealth, the prize money is shared between all members of the club - though there is some dissent with many members feeling that it is not chocolatey enough.
The Presentation Last month's winner Andrew presents the trophy to Andrew, prompting calls for the introduction of some kind of handicap (as if having spots and flies wasn't enough).
Nick faints The sight of two Andrews is too much for Nick and he collapses onto the operating table - Doctor Jane needs no second invitation to get out her daughter's plastic medical set.
Nick recovers Nick suddenly realises that the paparazzi have caught him playing Doctors & Nurses and his wedding is less than 3 months away.

So another month is over - Jane was the fancy dress winner, but the extra points were not enough to unseat Andrew as the Morston Scrabble Club champion. Serious thought is being given to a handicapping system to ensure that everyone wins - but then as the prize is always shared, everyone wins anyway. See you on 10th April!

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