Morston Scrabble Club


Well, 10th April saw our Easter celebration - not a great deal of fancy dress, but a distinct surfeit, nay, a glut of chocolate eggs. Sadly Nick was away on his annual very spiritual band retreat, but it being the school holidays we were very lucky to be joined by Elsie. Also making a welcome return was Valentino - for which there was much gratitude as otherwise we would have again been down to an odd number - not to mention that he plays such a part in curbing Andrew's worst excesses - as we shall see as the story unfolds:

Easter Bunny Andrew was greeted in the car park with the words "You're looking a bit normal tonight" - and then he produced his Easter bonnet. Rarely have words been eaten so quickly, or a man looked madder than his very mad hat.
Jane and absence of hat Overwhelmed by the Curse of the Were-Rabbit sitting before her, Jane throws years of tradition out of the window and draws the names out of her glasses case.
Elsie Bunny Elsie gets into the swing of the Club very quickly by nicking Rosie's bunny ears and taking pictures of obscure words on her phone.
Egg rack Can anybody spot the deliberate mistake? Yes, Andrew is caught cheating again - with 8 eggs rather than 7 on his rack...
Egg bonus it is no wonder that he manages to get a bonus - playing the word "headless" and suddenly there are no chickens in sight. The sharp-eyed among you will see that he could have made "omelette" across the bottom of "cave", but he thought he might lose his score by the necessity of breaking all his eggs.
Elsie It's a baptism of fire for Elsie, but her mother is on hand to make her feel better by pointing out the huge score her opponent has just got.
Easter bunny attempts distraction Andrew attempts to distract from the fact that he has neglected to bring the trophy to the meeting.
Dawn, April MSC Champion Luckily Valentino managed to sneak into Andrew's house and liberate the trophy before presenting it to a delighted Dawn.
Dawn taking time off from being MSC Champion to sell some fish Is that a look of admiration as Dawn takes time off from being MSC Champion to sell some fish? The determination on her face makes us all realise that it may be some time before the trophy is removed from its place in Weston's Fish Shop in Blakeney.

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